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Life is full of challenges: career, money, family and relationships have sent us all searching for happiness and inner peace. But to really achieve this we have to take time to relax and let our hearts speak to our minds.

For thousands of years the candle has been used as a symbol that represents hope and enlightenment.

The Promise Candle takes it one step further. It comes with responsibility. Not only does it represent your wishes, hopes and dreams, it helps you commit to focusing on them.

When you receive your candle, make your promise, sign and date the agreement, and then light your candle every day. Use that time to meditate, reflect, be grateful, and dream. Each candle comes with a tag for your personal promise. Save your tags in The Promise Candle Diary Box, so you can begin collecting your promises. Think how fulfilling it will be to look back at your thoughts and feelings from previous candles.

Life can be mystical, miraculous and magical. So wake up and smell the candles! You deserve to be happy and this will help.

I promise.

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